Dog Nutrition


    Along with exercise, nutrition is a vitally important part of maintaining a healthy and happy dog.  It is impodog_in_the_fridge.jpgrtant that dogs receive a diet that is complete and balanced and contains the correct amounts of protiens, fats, cabohydrated, vitamins and minerals.  It is also important that dogs receive these important nutrients in a tasty and absorbable form and that they recieve what they require on a daily bases.

     Remember that dogs can't just go and fix thier own food they rely on us, the owner, making correct choices when it comes to dinner time or when feeding treats.  This section of the Cheeky Dog website provides some information on nutrition, dog treats, food products and foods your dog should avoid to help you have a happy four legged friend.

For great healthy treat ideas check out the recipes and ideas on the home made dog treats page and check out the foods to avoid to keep your dog healthy and out of the vet clinic.

Don't forget to always have a supply of fresh, clean water available for your dog/s at all times.