The Toby Test

Welcome to the Toby Test Page.

Each month Toby the Labrador will be road testing a new dog toy.  Check out the results below and if you have a toy that you would like Toby to test email the details and Cheeky Dog will get Toby right on to it.

This months dog toy is: Purple Pete the Octopuspurple_pete.jpg

Toy Decription:

Purple Pete the Large Octopus comes in only one colour - Purple with green spots.  This toy is quite large in size measuring 61cm in diameter from leg to leg, each leg measures 24 cm and makes if easy for the dog to carry the toy.  Purple Pete has 5 legs (he must have lost a few to a previous dog encounter) with a squeaker in each toe much to the delight of any dog we have shown this toy. 


Purple Pete the Octopus is part of the 'Sea Creatures' range of toys produced by Tuffies Pet Toys.  This company specializes in creating tough soft toys for dogs and has quite a few ranges of toys  such as dinosaurs and a sports series of extreme tuff toys.   

Manufacturers Comments:

Designed for large breed dogs who like to whip their toys, tug and play catch. Each toy has 5 legs, multiple squeakers. Your dog won’t grow tired of this exciting new toy! Each toy is made with two layers of industrial grade nylon, and one layer of soft fleece on the outside.  All of the layers are sewn together to make one super strong layer of material.  Each toy is sewn together with 2 layers of linear stitching.  After the toy is sewn together an additional piece of black nylon trim is added to cover the four rows of stitching. This extra piece of nylon is sewn with 3 linear stitches to give the product a total of 7 seams!  Now that’s one tough toy!

Toby's Comments:

I thought this toy was a goner - I eat kong toys for breakfast so I thought they were insane when Cheeky Dog asked me to test a soft dog toy but this toy is great - it has squeaker things in each leg.  I went my hardest in the first few days but the stitching held up to the punishment and I couldn't even get the squeakers out of the legs. The only time I put the toy down during the first week of the test was to eat dinner!!!


Toby hard at work




                                      Taking a Break


Breed Suitability:

The manufacturer gives this toy a tough rating of 7 with the highest I could find on their website being an 8 for some of the extreme toys in the sports series.  Toby has had this toy for three weeks and has only just started to break though the top layers of the toy on two of Petes legs.  The toy is quite large in size so it is more suited to larger breeds such as labradors, german shepards, golden retrievers, staffies, dalmations right through to cattle dogs and larger mixed breeds.  Tuffies stresses that their toys are "play" toys not "chew" toys and that with time dogs will eventually destroy the toy as nothing lasts forever.

Recommended Retail Price:    $39.95

Website details:

Toby Test Rating:    dog_paw.jpgdog_paw.jpg dog_paw.jpg

  A bit on the expensive side but the toy has lasted longer than any other soft toy that Toby has sunk his teeth into.